Xiamen, China, 2002.


Xiamen, China, 2002.

brief encounter
ana kadoic and gregg smith

Brief encounter was a performance arranged for the Chinese European Art Centre in Xiamen. The art centre is housed in a complex of buildings of a massive an modernist style, fairly typical in modern day China. It was noticed that a certain stairwell contributed to perfect frame for a performance using the backdrop of the sea, the distant islands and the setting sun.

At 5 pm the audience of about 80 people were led from the gallery up two flights of stairs to a grassy terrace overlooking a courtyard and providing a view of the ocean. They were offered cigars to smoke.

When everyone was talking and smoking the performance began to unfold. Ana left the group on the terrace and descended to the courtyard below, crossed the courtyard and began to ascend a flight of stairs. At the same time I descended the same staircase from the top so that we met on the third landing. There we greeted and talked whilst smoking a small cigar. After about 10 minutes we parted and continued on our ways.