Performance at Café Baton, Amsterdam, August 2002.

Performance at Café Eerste Classe, Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam, 2002.

8 Performance at de Vergulde Gaper, Amsterdam, September, 2002.

4the final bench scene, Alfred Hitchcock's 'Notorious,' (1946)

The poignancy of this film, which the performance exploits, is the notion of moving free of one's past. The character played by Ingrid Bergman is the daugher of an ex-Nazi. Persuaded by the CIA to help them infiltrate a secret Nazi network in Brazil, she marries against her will, an old associate of her father. In the process however, she has fallen in love with her handler, played by Carey Grant. When her mission is uncovered, she becomes a victim of slow poisoning by her new husband and his mother. This scene shows her final debriefing before the poison incapacitates her. The past has submerged the present and the central characters have become like sleep-walkers to one another.


(a performance for two actors) (performed in Amsterdam 2002, Gothenburg 2002, Belo Horizonte 2003)

The project takes its inspiration from the Alfred Hitchcock movie, 'Notorious,' starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. For this performance a particular scene of the movie is recreated in different cafés in the given city. The scene is about 2 minutes long and is played out in the real life setting with no indication that it is a performance. The only deviation from reality is that the scene is then looped or repeated 12 times during the period of about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

For a 'viewer' who notices the scene unfolding it is difficult or impossible to follow the dialogue and a narrative can only be imagined. A further absurd element is the gradually increasing pile of red scarves which piles up on the table as she leaves and returns repeatedly.