1 Cape Town 1999.


Cape Town 1999.






A Book of Giving (a web of love)

Armed with a camera, a sound recorder and a bunch of roses, the artist undertook an extraordinary journey through the streets of central Cape Town. A complex web of desire and fantasy emerged as people were offered the opportunity of giving a rose anonymously to a person of their choice. The result is a bizarre chain-reaction as each receiver of a rose becomes the next sender.

"What makes Smith's work unique is his ability to galvanize people into action, not to achieve heroic deeds but to make gestures or commit acts which often epitomize the best in humanity. All are attempts to promote communication and it becomes apparent how much people enjoy the process."

(catalogue notes for Staking Claims exhibition, curated by Emma Bedford, South African National Gallery)

An audiotape and photo album documents the project which took place over one day, in the City of Cape Town.