9 Acts of Patience in a suburban area (Cape Town, 1998)


Luxury automobile evolves through corrosion (+/- 16 years)


Snail trail left on beach towel during the night (+/- 2 hours)


Tomato showing signs of the aging process (+/- 6 days)


Phone bill of acculated calls to the value of R741.48 (1 month)


Postcard from Chicago reaches Kenilworth, Cape Town (9 days)


Souvenir giraffe awaiting release from captivity (3 weeks)








These postcard collections present a selection of photographs taken whilst examining a chosen context in a specific time frame of about 2 hours. The exercise involves attempting to view from another perspective.

The series is an enthusiastic yet ironic reflection on the optimistic, nation building sentiment of this period. The postcards where sold in box-sets embossed with the City of Cape Town's official script.