7Cinthia Marcelle, Jean Meeran, 'Stay,' 2003

6Bridget Baker, 'Extra Soles,' 2003.

7Thembinkosi Goniwe, 'Parties in different places,' 2003'

7Cinthia Marcelle, Jean Meeran, 'Stay,' 2003.

7Claire Harvey, Untitled, digital image, 2012

7Sung Hwan Kim, Horror Stories, performance, 2006

7Jimmy Robert, Silent March, re-enactment of a happening, Cape Town, 2006

7Leonid Tsvetkov, Table Mountain project, 2012-15

7Jo O Connor, Contact, 2003

8Milena Bonilla, 'Guests,' video still, 2012


Very Real Time was founded by Gregg Smith in 2003, as an artists’ residency and project series for South African and visiting artists from Europe and developing countries. Based in Cape Town, VRT produces projects of a largely ephemeral and performative nature. The main objective is to set up suitable conditions for meaningful exchange between artists working in a contemporary and global context. This is achieved by temporarily suspending the familiar breathlessness of contemporary urban life for a 1 month period, privileging reflection on and experimention with alternative production models and forms of exchange.

Very Real Time aims to examine through its activities, the inter-personal dynamics of daily exchanges in the city, providing a catalyst for the traversing of boundaries and the making of new connections.

Very Real Time is presently renewing its engagement with urban space, becoming primarily an educational project functioning simultaneously in Cape Town and Paris. This project focuses on the relationship between the voice, the body and urban acoustics.  Further information >

This project, was first conceived of as a member of the RAIN Network at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. Participating artists include : Jean Meeran, Cinthia Marcelle, Jo O Connor, Sung Hwan Kim, Jimmy Robert, Bridget Baker, Kianoosh Motallebi, Leonid Tsvetkov, Ed Young, Milena Bonilla, Claire Harvey, Mieke Van der Voort, Jeanine Diego Riviera and Conrado Tostado, Julia Rosa Clarke, Thembinkosi Goniwe, Josh Ginsberg, Christian Nerf and Michael Blum.

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