Absence de marquage (malleable tracks)

(duration: 23 minutes, 35 mm.

By a series of coincidences, a couple are befriended by an elder gentleman, during a weekend retreat. Whilst his acquaintance is not entirely welcomed by the couple, a friendship develops. The narrative constructs a vertiginous suspense, punctuated by ellipses during which the dynamics between the 3 main characters shifts significantly.

Malleable tracks addresses a modern Western visual culture in which access to and consumption of information is increasingly accelerated. If our engagement with physical reality has receded, our capacity to navigate and anticipate diverse visual languages and media forms has reached a highly sophisticated level. The film seeks to insert itself into this increasingly narrow configuration between lived experience and processing of electronic media.

Interview with Gregg Smith about the film at Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, 2013 >>



With Hippolyte Girardot, Caroline Ducey, Gregg Smith.   Camera: Javier Ruiz. Sound: Olivier Touche, Mixage: Mikael Barre. Produced by Emmanuel Chaumet, Ecce Films.