8 Still from the pilot, 2013.

7Still from the pilot, 2013.

6Still from the pilot, 2013.

6Still from the pilot, 2013.









The Crosswind (feature film, development)


Ill at ease within his white upper middle class family in apartheid South Africa, and frustrated by his father's manipulative tendencies, Max fled to Paris to try and become a an intellectual in post-colonial studies. But he is never free of his family's tentacles. When 20 years later, his brother Douglas attempts suicide, Max returns with his French wife, Celia, to help pick up the pieces. Their relationship already strained, Celia soon smells a rat as she watches Max slip into his role of eldest son and warns him to stay away from the family transport business. But Max can't resist the opportunity to play the good guy. Taking charge, he seeks to redress the injustices of his family's past. His dreamy Marxist notions are, however, completely out of touch with the discontent brewing amongst the staff at the truck yard, and no match for Harry, his mafioso uncle who has other uses for the company. What had until now felt like an opportunity to put his theories into practice, begins to reveal itself as the dark and angry underbelly of his family's wealth. Max's aspirations begin to crumble when Celia books the next flight home to Paris. He is torn between his love for his wife and his implication in a process which has begun to run out of control. It is only after a wild cross-country chase for a kidnapped poodle and a container left too long in the desert sun, that Max realizes he risks losing that which is most precious to him.

produced by 5 A 7 films