Paris, France, 2007.

Paris, France, 2007.

Paris, France, 2007

Paris, France, 2007.










Le Courant (The Current) (duration: 17 minutes, DVD from HD)

This film is based on the dance-musical form, its main deviation from this form is that there is no music. The loose narrrative follows the progress of a young man, who has has arrived in a small provincial town in order to present his candidature for job there. The young man is seen to be suitable for this post but it is questionable whether the post itself is a desirable one. His potential employers are brazenly unscrupulous and the project at hand seems, at the very least, suspicious.

The narrative of this film exists against a shoddy assemblage of decors and locations which seem to offer up a bare minimum of believability. The further disturbance of the script with sponteneous bodily movements and dance elements suggests an absurdly kafkaesque universe in which cynical expedience conflicts with basic urges, and the search for firm moral ground is perpetually deferred.


Actors: Laurent Goldring, Corine Miret, Anne Laurent, Luc Favrou, Gregg Smith Camera: Olivier Jaquin, Alain della Negra Sound: Camille Lateau, Kaori Kinoshita Assistant director: Zoé Inch.

With the support of the CNC, aide de la DICRéAM and the Aide au film court, CG93, Seine-Saint-Denis..