Buenos Aires, 2004.










Love, love, jealousy and wanting to be in two places at once

(duration: 12 minutes, DVD from DVCam)

The video is based on a performance. A young man tells of a failed love. In the hope of reviving the flame of a relationship that has gradually fizzled out, the wife suggests that they dance anew the tango that first brought them together, this time with different partners and in a new settings. Smith adopts a tone that skirts the limits between pain and irony to map the feelings at play in the situation.

(catalogue notes, Videobrasil Electronic Art Festival, 2011)



Camera: Sebastian Diaz Morales / Sound: Emmanuel Diaz, Blandine Tourneux / Mix: Mikael Barre / Interpretation: Mechi Dorta, Filipe Ariicuren, Victor Florido, Gregg Smith, Julio Cesar di Chiaza, Manuel Marques, Rodolfo Ruiz.