video still, Castellon, Spain, 2007.

Extract from the film, Moving on (take 22), Castellon, Spain, 2007

video still, Moving on, Castellon, Spain 2007 .









Moving on (take 22) video installation, DVD from HDV, 2007.

In Spain the Aznar government (1996 - 2004) presided over an unparalleled era of construction and speculation on the property market.. Under Law 6/98, regional governments used corrupt means to sell public land to friends at low rates promoting a massive construction boom. The constructions are largely in holiday and residential areas, leaving old town centres to decay. The new buildings hugely exceed habitational demands and remain empty, waiting for prices to rise.

Two young men, Victor and Pascual, walk the streets of their home town. Pascual has been away in Madrid for some time and no longer recognises the town and it's surrounding (now abandoned) orange farms, where they shared their youth. Their attempts to reconnect are filmed in a series of takes and mistakes, backed by a soundtrack which itself remains in a state of rehearsal, seeking both its own form and a greater empathy with the landscape and the main characters.

The film is based on conversations with the main characters and the band Litius.

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Produced by EACC (Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló), Castellon, Spain, for the exhibition Our Hospitality.