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Salmansdam, South Africa, 2008.

video still, Salmansdam, South Africa, 2008.

video still, Salmansdam, South Africa, 2008.









Underexposed (HD, duration: 23 minutes)

a dance musical, without music, choreography by Jay Pather, written and directed by Gregg Smith

In his book, Interaction Ritual Chains (2004), sociologist Randall Collins describes society being structured by fluid layers of 'Emotional energy,' which shape the trajectory of the individual, as opposed to the traditional class and economic models.

The issue of land and empowerment remain charged and unresolved issues in South Africa. In the video Underexposed, dynamics of ownership are explored as an 'emotional energy' which decides who has the means to exploit their own resources : their body, their ideas and beliefs.

A precarious web of power relations becomes evident as various individuals struggle to find a firm footing in a propert development scheme which at this stage remains highly speculative. The area is inhabited by residents who have a strong bond with the land, and are resistant to the development plans. The place seems also to physically affect all those who move through it, animating their gestures with sporadic dancelike movements. These movements are never noticed or remarked upon.

produced by Capricci films