The Tourist
Published by Le Fresnoy studio national des arts contemporains
Designed by Sara de Bondt
Paper : Munken Polar.
Printer : de Keure, Brugges
Print run : 500
32 pages - full colour, 14 pages text, 18 pages images, 14 x 21 cm
Text and images by Gregg Smith
Price : 16 euros

Let the space wrap around you
The photobook, Let the space wrap around you, leads the reader along the artist’s daily trajectories around the 18th and 19th arrondissements of Paris, presenting objects and situations which have either been noticed in passing, or installed by the artist. The artist’s practice moves freely between performance, painting, photography and filmmaking and in this book these diverse media are presented without clear differentiation. The ambiguous identity of these different images, part found/part artifice, leaves it open for the reader to decide their own path and also begs a fresh appraisal of the significance we place on our presence in our immediate physical reality.
The images are accompanied by the text, Malleable tracks (from L’Avventura to Die Antwoord), which compares Antonioni’s film L’Avventura (1960) with the Youtube punk/rap phenomenon, Die Antwoord. Through an exploration of the repercussions of Die Antwoord’s fictitious identity in the band’s hometown of Cape Town, compared to the bands reception on online platforms, the text explores the relationship between local culture and the way in which the individual finds meaning and engagement in the global media realm. The text argues that whilst the potential for vulnerability and manipulation have undoubtedly increased in society in recent years, the individual has evolved sophisticated skills of navigating reality, which the protagonists and viewers of Antonioni’s films had yet to attain.
Publisher and distributor : Monospace Press
Editor : Delphine Bedel
Paper : Munken Polar.
Printer : Drukkerij Geers Offset, Gent
Print run : 400
96 pages - 64 colour, 32 B+W, 17 x 24 cm
Text by Gregg Smith : Malleable tracks (from L'Avventura to Die Antwoord)
Images from the series : 'portable phone photos' and 'punctuation'
ISBN 978-90-821182-0-9, 2013
Price : 20 euros

Very Real Time
Designed and edited by Sara de Bondt
Paper : Munken Polar.
Printer : Drukkerij de Keure, Brugges.
Text by Iain Low
Print run : 500
48 pages - 5 colour, 43 B+W, 16,5 x 24 cm
Very Real Time is an ongoing programme of research, artists' residencies and performance-based contemporary art projects, located primarily in Cape Town, South Africa. The first version of Very Real Time took place in 2003. This book is the catalogue of artists projects by Bridget Baker, James Beckett, Thembinkosi Goniwe, Cinthia Marcelle, Michael Blum and Jo O Connor.
Price: 15 euros, including postage in EU.
The End
Publisher : Analogue Press
Designed by: Gregg Smith
Text by Emile Soulier
Photographic assistant: Nelly Blaya
Edition: 100
Produced by La Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou, Cajarc,
Edition: 100
16 pages, full colour, (1 page of text)

During the late 90's, I made a series of books and postcards which documented walks around different parts of Cape Town (city, suburbs, townships). The walks were constructed according to various mechanisms or perspectives. As much as they were a sincere attempt to see the world differently, they were also a nuanced take on the 'rainbow' culture of the new South Africa and the notion that artists should be 'community builders,' which I continue to feel the urge to embrace and pull away from. 
A Book of Giving (a web of love), Cape Town, 1998

Armed with a camera, a sound recorder and a bunch of roses, the artist undertook a journey through the streets of central Cape Town. A complex web of desire and fantasy emerged as people were offered the opportunity of giving a rose anonymously to a person of their choice. The result is a chain-reaction as each receiver of a rose becomes the next sender.

(catalogue notes for Staking Claims exhibition, curated by Emma Bedford, South African National Gallery)
An audiotape and photo album documents the project which took place over one day, in the City of Cape Town. 
Armé d’une caméra, un enregistreur et un bouquet de rose, l’artiste se promène une journée dans les rues du centre du Cap. Un réseau compliqué de désirs et de fantasmes apparait quand il est proposé aux passants d’offrir une rose anonymement à qui ils voudraient. Le résultat est une réaction en chaine, où celui qui reçoit une rose devient le prochain qui en offrira.
(Notice pour le catalogue de l’exposition, Staking Claims, curated by Emma Bedford, South African National Gallery)
Une cassette audio et un album photo document le projet qui a eu lieu en une journée, au Cap.
A Book of Grooving- (a trail of waves)
Cape Town, 1999

The artist takes an afternoon walk around the township of Langa. He greets passers-by on the street, and when someone returns the greeting they are approached. It is requested to accompany them until they greet someone else. When this happens, the artist walks with that new person until they in turn greet somebody. During the course of the afternoon, a route unfolds which winds through the entire township following the routes of 18 people. The afternoon is documented with audio recordings of the participant's voices, photographs, notes on each encounter and maps of the route. 
L’artiste fait une promenade un après-midi autour du township de Langa. Il salue les passants dans la rue, et quand quelqu’un lui renvoie son salut, l’artiste s’approche et l’accompagne jusqu’à ce qu’ils saluent ensemble à nouveau quelqu’un. Quand cela arrive, l’artiste marche avec la nouvelle personne jusqu’à ce qu’à leur tour, ils saluent quelqu’un. Pendant l’après-midi, un chemin où les vents nous mènent à travers le township tout entier, croisant la route de 18 personnes.
Cet après-midi est documenté avec des enregistrements audios des voix des participants, des photographies, des notes sur chacune des rencontres faites chemin faisant. 
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