Very Real Time is an ephemeral project located in Cape Town, South Africa since 2003. The project explores the use of personal encounters and urban space as artistic materials. In a city where apartheid urban planning continues to demarcate wealth, race and access, Very Real Time seeks to transcend boundaries and distance by 'connecting the dots'.  Until recently the project has primarily taken the form of residencies focusing on the production of performative collaborations between artists and the local residents.
Since 2018, Very Real Time has been developing the FAR OUT project in Atlantis, a satellite town 50 km from Cape Town. FAR OUT is an engagement with the community dance group, SWAGG UNITED DANCE CREW. This group was founded in 2016 as a means to help young people stay safe from gang violence, develop their dance talents and finish school. The group practices outdoors and functions largely on goodwill. FAR OUT uses video, photography, fashion, and personal networks to create connections, and provide tools to overcome  economic fragility and distance. 
This project is in collaboration with A4 Arts Foundation, the photographer, Pieter Hugo, and film-maker, Teboho Edkins.  
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